*Limited Quantities Available!*
  • Invest in STRENGTH and rest assured that you’re
    running with the best.
  • CNC machined from U.S.A. made 6061 BILLET aluminum,
    not some cheap plastic.
  • Our UNIVERSAL mounting clamp is NO JOKE! Ultimate strength
    and fits any tube 1.25"-2".
  • These side view light/mirrors will enhance your experience both
    DAY and NIGHT.
  • 14,400 raw lumens of light (7,200 per mirror), producing a 210° field of view.
  • Whether you're flying through the trees or ripping down the desert,
    you'll be able to see like it's daytime!
  • Convex mirrors for MAXIMUM rear view vision.
  • We use the HIGHEST quality material and cutting-edge
    technology/robotics in house.
  • Each light/mirror is HAND assembled by technicians
    right here in Nampa, ID U.S.A.
  • We use our products, we’re passionate about them, We believe
    in our quality and stand behind our product and our customers.



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